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Can Hypnosis Treat Women Addicted To Cigarettes? - Crystal Dwyer (VIDEO)

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Life Coach Crystal Dwyer shares if hypnosis is an effective method to break an addiction to cigarettes.

Crystal Dwyer:
Hypnosis has helped thousands of women and their addiction to cigarettes. It’s super-powerful. But be prepared to commit to it, and you have to be prepared to listen to the CD for 30 days, whether you go in for a live session, and make sure before you do this, before you see your hypnotherapist, that they will give you a follow-up CD. I mean, most people aren’t using tapes anymore. I give the CDs, but a follow-up CD is to back you up because it’s a physical habit and you really need to listen to it for 30 days to fully break that habit and to introduce the new healthy habit.

And I also say this about any habits, even the weight loss CDs, I tell people to listen to my weight loss CDs for 30 days, anxiety, depression because you are really breaking old thought patterns, breaking habits, and implementing new habits, new thought and belief patterns. So, repetition is very, very important in that.

Now that I have explained how hypnosis can help you with your addiction to cigarettes, let me take a minute and explain exactly what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is actually a natural state that all of us go into several times a day. We go through a hypnotic state which is just a slowed brainwave state. When we are falling into sleep and coming out of sleep and sometimes when we are driving down the road, we are on the mild hypnotic state; it’s called the automatic activity.

So, hypnosis is just a deliberately induced trance state where we utilize the power of the subconscious mind, deliberately induce the trance state and try to clean out those thoughts and habits and addictions that are set, all of those things that support an unhealthy habit like smoking, all of the gratification that you are getting from it, all of the things that draw you back to it, even to the first time that you smoked.

So, we use that to sort of purge all of the history that started your smoking, has kept you smoking, and then, using the same power of your subconscious mind in this relaxed state, we move forward and introduce substitute healthy habits, even sometimes substitute almost a repulsion toward the cigarettes so you wouldn’t even consider it. And then, with repetition, if you listen to that over and over again, your mind takes that in as a programmed thought. So pretty soon you are smoke free.

A lot of times my clients will tell me, “You know, my friends can’t believe I can go out with them drinking and they are all smoking, or whatever, and I don’t want a cigarette. And they even, you know, rib me about it. Come on, you know, you tell me you crave it. No, I really don’t. It’s really gone.” So that’s the power of hypnosis, but again, you’ve got to commit to it and be consistent, really important. But it’s worth it, especially for women because the consequences are so deadly. I mean, the survival rate for a woman with lung cancer is sadly low. So, do it for yourself, your family, your kids. It’s one of the most important things that you can do for your health if you are a smoker.

About Crystal Dwyer:
Crystal is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Member of the International Coaching Federation, and Certified by the Chopra Center of Well-Being as a Meditation Instructor. Through Crystal’s personal coaching, speaking, CD programs, videos, books, and articles, people all over the world have experienced profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness.

Visit Crystal Dwyer at Crystal Vision


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