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Diarrhea after sex?

By August 10, 2014 - 6:08pm
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Background information:

My boyfriend has a very large penis size, I mean at least 9 1/2 inches. We tend to have rough sex to where most times we can get it all the way inside of me and he still tends to be even rougher after that point. I am a very small girl and we even measured and it basically goes up past my belly button.

Oddly enough, when we do it, I am not in pain because we have done It so often that it's almost like we "trained" my vagina in order to handle the length. The only kind of discomfort I may have is when he goes way too deep and it's almost like I feel a pressure against my colon that feels like an urgency to poop. It feels like it's hitting against something.

And if we change positions to "doggy style" that when I can feel like feeling most, sometimes I can't even handle it. I think because from that angle is when we are closest to my anus.

Well, after rough sex, (not every single time we have sex) but most times, I tend to have diarrhea for the next day. It's happened so many times that I've gotten completely used to it. It only lasts for a day or two and then I am totally fine. I have friends or have read online that sometimes that's common from all the "pushing against" my other organs during sex especially with someone who is fairly large, like my boyfriend.

Well, earlier this week, on Tuesday, my boyfriend and I somehow managed to find the time to have sex twice in one day. Once in the morning and once later in the day. Which normally never happens since we are both so busy, both times extremely rough as well.

The next day, Wednesday, I woke up with diarrhea of course, thinking "Okay, I'll probably have it for most of today like usual" but instead it has lasted all the way up until today. Today is Sunday, which is very odd.

The only difference this past week I have been SO busy that I have hardly had time to even be at home, let alone use the bathroom to let it out. (Which I know is very bad) I found myself all week really needing to go, but ignoring the urge, since I was doing other things. And when I had time in the night, I would let it out. But then continue the cycle for the next days.

When normally, when I get this after sex, I am home all day and I just continue to go, normally after every meal and until "it was all out" and no need for it anymore.

I feel absolutely fine.. No other symptoms. I don't feel sick, nauseated, or any of that. I am not throwing up nor do I have a headache or anything along those lines. No fever either. So I don't think I am sick. I eating just as much as before, I still have my appetite.

I feel completely fine, I just have bad stomach cramps but that's only before I let it out and then after I feel fine again until it comes back.

I have been on birth control for two years now... take it every time the same day, always use protection. Although I did recently switch to a new form of birth control called Junel. I am on my 3rd pack. I know they say side effects should subside within 3 months, but I don't think diarrhea is a side effect for that, right? Although, I do have the occasional mild menstrual cramping or tender breasts throughout the months. But I know those are side effects.

I have taken plenty of pregnancy tests, I would've have been pregnant anyway, but it's not that. All come out negative.

If anything, my diet is not the greatest. and I do take a lot of Excedrin throughout my weeks for migraines. I have been doing that for years. (pretty sure I may be addicted) although my doctor says I am fine. Never had a problem before. I am not quite sure what this is or why but I still am convinced it's from the sex, since it always is.

My Question:

Is this prolonged diarrhea of 5-6 days from the rough deep penetrated sex?
What should I do for next time to avoid this and why do you think it has lasted this long compared to other times? What can I do NOW to eliminate this problem since it's has almost been a week.

Need help, please!

Thank you

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Hi Katie,

Thanks for your question! A large penis puts pressure on your bowels, which (as you have experienced) can cause diarrhea. Some doctors suggest relieving your bowels naturally, or taking an enema before having sex.

Enemas can be harmful, so please consult a doctor before use. Loose stools can also occur from any number of diseases or infections. Please visit your doctor to rule out a medical issue, such as irritable bowel syndrome. 

Diarrhea is also included as a side effect of Junel, which may be the root of your problem. Consider consulting your doctor about a different birth control option. Anytime you have diarrhea for more than 24 hours, you are at risk of severe dehydration and should seek medical attention. 

I hope this helps! Please check back and let us know how you are doing! 

Warm Wishes, 


August 10, 2014 - 9:46pm
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