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Do Emotions Affect A Woman's Hormones? - Dr. Ogden (VIDEO)

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Dr. Ogden explains if a woman's hormones can be affected by her emotions.

Dr. Ogden:
This is my understanding. While I am not a laboratory scientist myself, there have been studies by Helen Fisher, for one, where it shows that how we feel, whether we are feeling elated, whether we are feeling in love, whether we are feeling gnarly and depressed and anxious, that our hormone levels will change with those feelings. Christiane Northrup, Deepak Chopra are two holistic M.D.s who talk about this all the time.

So I can talk about this from my experience as a therapist, as a woman, as a colleague, as a person of this planet that it follows as the ninth day when you feel good about yourself, when you have self-esteem, when you are excited about your life, then your sexuality is going to feel better. And in fact one of the great secrets, I don’t tell this to everybody, but I will tell it to you–sex is not separate from your life, that whatever is going on in your life is going to affect your sexuality and vice versa.

Sex is energy just like spirituality is energy or anger is energy or in a sense hunger is energy, certainly emotional hunger. So we need to understand that sexuality and life are partners.

About Dr. Ogden, Ph.D.:
Dr. Gina Ogden, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in sexology from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California, where she is now an associate professor. Her M.A. is in family therapy from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont and her B.A. is in English literature, from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She has received grants for her work on sexuality and spirituality from Harvard Divinity School's Institute for the Study of World Religions and from the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

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