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Home Dialysis: What Equipment Will I Use?

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Nurse Ruth describes in-home dialysis equipment and shares how long a patient can be on home dialysis.

Okay, the NxStage cycler is the in-home machine that we use. It’s very simple to use.

It has a single cartridge that contains all of the tubing that goes to the machine and from the machine to the patient.

It can run with either bags or the PureFlow as far as the dialysate goes and it’s just like in two or three days you’ve learned the setup for that.

So it’s really simple as compared to some of the other machines that are lot larger and heavier and require an extra RO water treatment machine.

This one has its base as the water treatment, or the bags in the water treatment and it’s all contained in one spot.

Well I am personally acquainted with several people who have been on home dialysis, home kidney dialysis for 15 to 16 years.

I know that today with the technology that we have and the new equipment that keeps coming up people are able to live much longer.

And I know some other people who have been on, that I am not personally acquainted with, over 30 years.

So this tells me that people are living much longer with kidney disease and treatment at-home or in-center.

About Ruth:
Ruth Gray, R.N., H.H.D., is a registered nurse affiliated with Southwest Kidney Dialysis in Tempe, Arizona. Ruth works with DaVita Tempe Dialysis in the home hemodialysis department, training patients to perform at-home dialysis.

Visit Nurse Ruth at DaVita Tempe Dialysis

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