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Kidney Dialysis: How Often Do Patients Undergo Treatment?

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Nurse Ruth explains how often kidney dialysis patients undergo treatment and discusses available options for patients whose home kidney dialysis partner is unavailable.

The way we know how often you need to do treatment is by your lab values and the doctor looking at them with the nurses and seeing how well your clean or toxic waste is removed from your body, in the length of treatment that you run and how often you run. And that’s pretty much determined by the doctor and your lab values.

I just recently had one of my home hemodialysis patients, have a spouse, who is their partner, in hospital for surgery. And I was able to bring this person in and do their treatment in my training center.

However, our Tempe Dialysis Center, which is our partner, is our backup unit for those who, if their partner is out of town or just needs a break, they will take them in and do treatments in-center for them.

About Ruth:
Ruth Gray, R.N., H.H.D., is a registered nurse affiliated with Southwest Kidney Dialysis in Tempe, Arizona. Ruth works with DaVita Tempe Dialysis in the home hemodialysis department, training patients to perform at-home dialysis.

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