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Kidney Dysfunction: How Do You Feel Knowing You Help Patients Live Better?

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Nurse Ruth discusses how she feels knowing she helps people live better lives despite kidney problems and shares a success story.

It makes me feel that what I do is worthwhile and that I can make a difference in somebody’s life and that it makes me feel really good, makes me want to continue and do what I do.

And I am thinking about a specific person, a lady who came to us from another state, came into the in-center facility at Southwest Kidney, Tempe DaVita Dialysis, and had been sick at home and in a hospital before she came out here and wasn’t sure she wanted to go back on home dialysis therapy because she was just not sure that it was going to work for her.

So I talked with her and talked with her husband, brought them in for some training, did a couple of weeks of more training in-center, talked with them some more about the kidney disease and how it impacted their life.

And they had just recently retired from a business of their own. So this is a person who is pretty knowledgeable and really worried about what was going to happen to her.

So then I went out to their home and looked at where they were going to set up their equipment and did some water samples and so forth, went ahead and finished their training in-center and went out for their first run at home.

And she was just so thrilled to be home and of course that makes me really happy because that’s my goal is to have them at home and comfortable again.

In the past couple of months she has been able to do more, go places and do things in the Southwest which they wanted to be able to do visiting out here and they are able to do that.

So she has reached some of her goals and of course I have reached part of my goals in helping people.

About Ruth:
Ruth Gray, R.N., H.H.D., is a registered nurse affiliated with Southwest Kidney Dialysis in Tempe, Arizona. Ruth works with DaVita Tempe Dialysis in the home hemodialysis department, training patients to perform at-home dialysis.

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