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Natalie Shares The Hair Pulling Guidance She Gets From Hairdoctk (VIDEO)

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Natalie Shares The Hair Pulling Guidance She Gets From Hairdoctk (VIDEO)
Natalie Shares The Hair Pulling Guidance She Gets From Hairdoctk (VIDEO)
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Natalie, who pulls her hair, shares the guidance she is provided with from Hairdoctk.

Well, every time when I go see her, which I usually go weekly for a shampoo and deep conditioner to make my hair healthier, every time that I see her, she is showing me something, you know, a new product in her studio that I need to try to say, “Okay, well this doesn’t have any sulphates in it, and sulphates are bad for your hair, for your body,” So she provides that kind of input about diet, about products to use.

And then, I do hear from her on a daily basis, so every time I hear from her, it reminds me that I have got to keep my hair looking good. It’s a support that most people with trichotillomania don’t have because they are just so in hiding about it, and even when somebody does know that they pull, you don’t want to talk about it.

So, my husband knows that I pull, but we still don’t talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it, but with TK, there’s this openness with her that I feel like it’s okay to talk to her about it, and she understands. She has other clients who pull too, so I am not the only one and she knows that, and she gives me a lot of input on a daily basis about how to change my diet and exercise. She asks me to go exercise with her. So she is really helping me. I mean, she is hands-on, definitely.

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