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Natalie Shares When She Decided To Get Hair Extensions (VIDEO)

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Natalie Shares When She Decided To Get Hair Extensions (VIDEO)
Natalie Shares When She Decided To Get Hair Extensions (VIDEO)
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Diagnosed with trichotillomania, Natalie explains when she decided to get hair extensions to cover-up where she pulled out hair.

I was just so sick of wearing headbands all the time, and my husband was asking me to look more presentable, I mean, in a nice way, but so I just had it. So finally one day I thought, well, maybe I could do hair extensions. So, I got on the Internet and Googled "hair extensions, eyelash extensions," and came across TK. It said she was the hair doctor, “hair doctor,” so I clicked on her web page and I really liked what I saw. It was about diet and I saw that and she worked with a lot of different people with other difficulties.

So, I called her, and made an appointment with her and met with her, and she said that she could help me, but I don’t think I was at a place at that point that I was ready to bare my soul or bare my hair to anybody. So, I waited a year and then another year went by and I called her back and I said, "I am really ready to do this," and she said, "Okay, come on in," and I just let her take it from there. And she really helped me a lot and she talked to me about different kinds of chemicals that we put in our body that can cause hair loss even.

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