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Why Dogs May Be A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend -- HER Daily Dose

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In this edition of EmpowHER's "HER Daily Dose", Bailey Mosier examines a study that reveals why some researchers believe that "Man's Best Friend" may also be a pregnant woman's closest pal as well.

Hi, I’m Bailey Mosier and this is your EmpowHER HER Daily Dose.

We’ve all heard that dogs are a man’s best friend, but we’re now learning they might also be a pregnant woman’s closest pal.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool in the U.K. analyzed 11,000 pregnant women and found that those who own a dog are 50 percent more likely to get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day by going for brisk walks.

The researchers suggest walking a dog could be part of a wider strategy to combat obesity and improve the health of pregnant women, but they say it’s not the only answer to fighting obesity.

Healthy eating along with other forms of exercise such as hiking or swimming, are also important in preventing women from gaining too much weight during pregnancy.

So if you’re considering adding to your family, you may want to consider making it two – a baby and a dog – because that will increase the likelihood you’ll get the daily recommended amount of exercise, but know that healthy eating and other forms of exercise are also key to healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

That wraps up your EmpowHER HER Daily Dose. Join me here at EmpowHER.com every weekday for your next dose of women’s health.

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