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Sexual Health Advice, Why Do Women Need It? - Sue Goldstein (VIDEO)

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Sue Goldstein explains why women need sexual help and what advice she gives them. Sue Goldstein is the program coordinator for San Diego Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital and co-authored the book When Sex Isn't Good, a collection of stories of women with sexual dysfunction.

Sue Goldstein:
I think women need help with their sexual health because for so many of us, particularly as we age, sex just goes out of our mind. We do not even recognize that we are missing our sexual health because it is gone. It is not in our consciousness. Women have a right to all kinds of health including sexual health, but most physicians are not comfortable discussing this. So, when you go to your gynecologist for your annual checkup, they do not say, "And how is your sexual health, are you having pain when you have intercourse? Are you aroused as easily as before?" They are not comfortable with the subject, so they do not bring it up.

We as women, we need to be empowered to ask those questions and to demand help. When the PDE5 inhibitors came out for men, suddenly men were able to talk about their erectile dysfunction and women began calling our clinic asking for help, demanding help. Well, there was not anything there for them, and so Dr. Goldstein started in his clinic to see women.

There is just a need for women to understand their bodies; we are not taught about our bodies, because physicians are not taught about our bodies. They are taught the uterus and the ovaries are for reproduction. Reproduction is a wonderful part of our lives, but so is having sexual function. I think that when a couple, whether a heterosexual or homosexual couple, when a couple has sexual intercourse it brings a closeness to them and when that is missing from their lives, they are missing a certain layer of closeness. We have a right to bring that back into our lives, whether you are a 16 or 18-year-old girl who has been on a birth control pill since before you are sexually active and never known sexual intercourse under normal hormonal circumstances, or if you are a 50-year-old woman whose kids are finally out of the house, you can finally have sex at 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon when it is a great time to have it, and your body just is not responding. We need to know more about what is happening with our bodies and our doctors need to know about more about what is happening with our bodies.

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