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Sexual Intimacy, How Can A Woman Regain This? - Patty Brisben (VIDEO)

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Sexual Intimacy, How Can A Woman Regain This? - Patty Brisben (VIDEO)
Sexual Intimacy, How Can A Woman Regain This? - Patty Brisben (VIDEO)
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Patty introduces herself and explains how a woman can regain her sexual intimacy.

Patty Brisben:
Hi, I am Patty Brisben. I am the CEO and Founder of Pure Romance. Pure Romance is an in-home party plan for women. What we do is we provide a very safe environment for women to be able to explore their own sexuality, to gather and ask questions that they necessarily wouldn’t feel comfortable asking of their own health care provider, and to also be able to purchase products that will take their relationship to the next level.

We also have the Patty Brisben Foundation and it is a 501C3, it’s a non-profit, and what the Patty Brisben Foundation is all about is that we are providing more research and information regarding women’s sexual health.

I think the way that women can regain their sexual intimacy is by opening up their minds, starting there, and that is by picking up books that will help them better understand their bodies, attending like a Pure Romance party where they can gather and ask questions from somebody who can help get those answers.

Another way is to, just being able to pick up products that will take your relationship and your personal self to the next level by trying new things such as a bedroom toy or a new type of lubricant. Just being open-minded really will help them take themselves and open up their mind.

About Patty Brisben:
Patty Brisben is the CEO and Founder of Pure Romance, Inc., one of the fastest growing woman-to-woman businesses in the world. As a leading party planning company specializing in relationship enhancement products, Pure Romance is improving the quality of sexual health and awareness for women and couples everywhere.

Visit Patty at The Patty Brisben Foundation

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