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What Are The Best-Selling Pure Romance Product? - Patty Brisben (VIDEO)

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What Are The Best-Selling Pure Romance Product? - Patty Brisben (VIDEO)
What Are The Best-Selling Pure Romance Product? - Patty Brisben (VIDEO)
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Patty recalls which product at Pure Romance is a best-seller.

Patty Brisben:
Our best selling products today, to this, to date would be our arousal creams. And that is, we are a nation of low libido and so, women love the arousal creams because due to stress, hormonal imbalances, medications, this particular cream will do just exactly what the brain is set out to do and that is to send that blood rush, making us want to respond to sex, making us want to have sex.

So arousal creams would be one of our top sellers. Lubricants, our best, our bestseller would be Just Like Me, and that is because every, we encourage every single woman to keep a water-soluble lubricant on hand and I can tell you, women, especially going through cancer, absolutely loves Just Like Me. So many lubricants that are on the market today create a burning sensation and Just Like Me, by far is the best, especially if you are a sensitive type of woman.

About Patty Brisben:
Patty Brisben is the CEO and Founder of Pure Romance, Inc., one of the fastest growing woman-to-woman businesses in the world. As a leading party planning company specializing in relationship enhancement products, Pure Romance is improving the quality of sexual health and awareness for women and couples everywhere.

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