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Where is The Sexual Medicine Field Heading? - Dr. Goldstein (VIDEO)

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San Diego’s Sexual Medical expert Irwin Goldstein, MD explains where sexual medicine is headed.

Dr. Goldstein:
The field of sexual medicine is on a bus ride without knowing where we’re going. It’s exponential growing, one of the interesting papers, sort of a non-paper paper they reviewed, the number of abstracts through a uro-gynecology meeting, and what has happened in the last five years, and they just plotted the number of presentations that had something to do with women’s sexual health issues, and it’s just exponentially growing.

It still is only, I don’t know, it's something between 10 to 15% of the meeting. So it's exponentially growing, and we don’t know where it's going. I think the great news is that the pharmaceutical industry has done amazing work working with the agency to get CNS drugs that end up facilitating the sex response to a position where it's really close to being approved.

The approval of a drug that is useful for women with sexual problems, the sort of Viagra for women will be huge, it will be huge, because it will propel education and will propel the permission-giving so that women who have sexual problems can now just go to their local doctor, say, “Hey, I got this is for”, they’re now the candidate for that medication.

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