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In A Bad Relationship: What Should This Woman Know? - Charly Emery

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Personal strategist Charly Emery provides advice for women who are currently staying in a relationship they know is bad.

Charly Emery:
Hi. I’m Charly Emery. I am a personal strategist. Basically I am a cutting edge alternative to traditional coaching and therapy. I pinpoint what’s driving people’s actions and choices so that we can make corrections at the core for long-term success.

In relationships a woman who is stuck in a bad relationship there is always a reason. There’s something that’s driving her to be there and basically what I have found with any kind is it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So what I need to do is sit down with her and figure out what is actually keeping her there because especially when she knows it’s not what she wants but she is there, there’s something else that she is after that she is getting from that relationship no matter how bad she thinks it is.

People have certain things that they are driven by and in finding out exactly what those are, then we know why they are getting their results or getting wherever they’re at; what is it that they are drawn to, but it’s like having your own emotional DNA versus your physical DNA that’s individual and unique to you. So we are going to find out what that is and then once we make that correction, then we can actually get her on the right track.

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