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Looking For A Relationship: Why Should A Woman Know What She Wants? - Charly Emery

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Personal strategist Charly Emery explains why it is necessary for a woman to know what she really wants out of a relationship before looking for a partner.

Charly Emery:
If you are out there and you are wanting to attract a fabulous relationship you might be wondering why is it so important to identify what I want in my relationship?

Well think about it. If you don’t figure out what you want in a relationship how on earth do you add the proper partner to actually make the relationship work? You got to think about these things, and the first key is to own who you are and what you desire. When you figure out who you are and what it’s going to take for you to be happy that’s when you can attract a relationship that you are going to want to be in and actually enjoy.

I mean, most people out there know how to get in relationships, just not necessarily the best relationship for you, right? So here’s the key – identify what you want in the relationship and instead of trying to make a relationship fit a guy, find the guy to fit the relationship.

Now don’t make the mistake of making the guy fit the relationship, the key is to know what you want and then when you know what you want in the inner life of your relationship; how you want to get along; how you want to resolve conflict – all those kinds of things, now you have a better idea of what that ideal partner should also like to do; what his habits should be like; how he should run in his conversations. Is he somebody who wants to talk a lot? Is he somebody who is quiet? Is he somebody who reacts to stress really harshly or does he want to hang out and talk with you about it?

You have to find out what those questions are for you to answer first, then you can find the proper guy to fit the relationship and you won’t need him to change because he will organically fit what you are looking for.

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