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Ultimate Relationship: What Are The Main Components? - Charly Emery

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Personal strategist Charly Emery recalls the elements necessary to engage in the "ultimate relationship".

Charly Emery:
Do you ever wonder what the ultimate relationship really looks like? Well the best way that I can sum that up is that the ultimate relationship is individual to you.

Think about it – if I pick out the custom options for my car and the color and the make and the model, it’s probably different from yours and there’s a reason for that, because that’s my ultimate choice. So you have to figure out what yours is. That’s why it’s so important to identify those key components in the relationship.

Some ideas I can give you that create the ultimate relationship is that if we are going to look at it in general, it’s a relationship that you really want to enjoy long-term. It’s not that relationship where you date, mate and no longer relate and feel more like prison inmates – that’s not the ultimate relationship.

It’s one that you and your partner totally enjoy being a part of. So if you are going to find out what that is for you then you got to think about what would make a relationship enjoyable for you. I am sure you have plenty of examples of things that would not be good. We see it all the time.

So ask yourself in the experiences that you’ve had, what do you like? What do you want to experience? Do you want to sit at the kitchen table and read your Sunday papers in silence or do you want to chit chat over your coffee? Simple things like that are actually really important because they make up your daily experience. So just remember, the ultimate relationship is yours. Take your time and think about what it looks like for you and then put you first and commit to getting it.

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