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Thyroid Cancer

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Thyroid Cancer Guide

Christine Jeffries

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What Is Thyroid Cancer? - Dr. Terris (VIDEO)

By Dr. David Terris Expert
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What Is Thyroid Cancer? - Dr. Terris (VIDEO)
What Is Thyroid Cancer? - Dr. Terris (VIDEO)
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Dr. Terris shares what thyroid cancer is.

Dr. Terris:
So that’s cancer involving the thyroid gland. I mean cancer can happen just about anywhere in the body, and basically it’s cells that keep dividing and reproducing when they shouldn’t be, and they essentially take over the body and suck up all of the nutrients that the body needs.

So that’s cancer and it has the ability to spread. That’s what is the definition of cancer, and so this happens to be a cancer involving the thyroid gland. The good news is, for most patients this is a very treatable cancer. So if you had to pick a type of cancer to have, thyroid cancer is a good one to pick, for most of them.

About Dr. David Terris, M.D.:
Dr. David J. Terris is a Professor, Department Chair and Porubsky Distinguished Chair in the Otolaryngology Department at the Medical College of Georgia. He graduated with his B.A. from Cornell University and his medical doctorate from Duke University Medical School.

Visit Dr. Terris at the Medical College of Georgia


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