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How Can I Make My Skin Look Fresher? - Dr. Butterwick (VIDEO)

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Dr. Butterwick shares what women can do to make their skin look fresher.

Dr. Butterwick:
If you do not have any time off but you wish that the skin could be fresher and younger-looking, like maybe take 5 or 10 years off, you can do that with, usually, it is a laser or energy-based light source, and there are different lasers depending on what the problem is. If I look at your skin and I see a lot of broken blood vessels, I am going to want to use an intense pulsed light or a pulsed-dye laser. These lasers go right to the red blood vessels, causing them to shrink up, and you do about three to four treatments, and you can really clear those up. If the problem is a lot of brown spots or brown splotchiness, then we will probably choose an intense pulsed light or one of the gentler kinds of lasers to resurface the skin. And lastly, if you have a lot of wrinkles but no downtime, we can still make a really nice improvement with a laser in the category called ablative or non-ablative fractional lasers. These lasers do not actually injure the top layer of the skin. They go through the skin, heat the fibroblast under the skin, and cause it to make more collagen and slowly your wrinkle will improve. This will probably take four to six treatments at monthly intervals. So you get to see your dermatologist a lot, but during that time the skin gets better and better and will stay that way for many years.

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