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What Are Antioxidants? - Dr. Butterwick (VIDEO)

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Listen as Dr. Butterwick explains what antioxidants are.

Dr. Butterwick:
An antioxidant is usually a vitamin that helps quench free radicals that are caused by sun damage. So the antioxidants are vitamins, vitamin C and E in particular. They are things like Coffeeberry—that's a new one that comes from the coffee bean--and there is green tea; all of these are different. There are many different types that can quench those free radicals. So it is nice to get one of those on. Now, it is a separate product to use something in the Retin A family, and all those women who have heard of Retin A, it is the thing that is initially used for acne but has been shown to stimulate collagen and get some smoothing of the skin over time. Many people are too sensitive to use Retin A, so we use something in the category of retinoids and some people cannot use retinoids at all; they are just too irritating, so we choose some things from the penta-peptide family to stimulate collagen growth or something with growth factors. All of these things fill the skin in thicker, and that is what gives us younger-looking skin.

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