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Which Sunscreen Is Best? - Dr. Butterwick (VIDEO)

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Dr. Butterwick explains which sunscreen is the best for women.

Dr. Butterwick:
The best sunscreen is one that will block out both the UVA and UVB rays. When you look at your typical bottle of sunscreen, it has SPF 15 or 30. That SPF rating though is only protection against the UVB rays, which are very damaging rays, but the UVA rays also damage our skin. They actually tan our skin; they penetrate deeply, and they cause more wrinkles. So to keep your skin looking young and avoid skin cancer, make sure the bottle says, "protects against and UVA and UVB." There are different categories of sunscreens. You can look for a sun block. Those usually have zinc or titanium in them and they will block out all the sun rays, but they can be a little heavy feeling. There is a new category or new products now that have new chemicals that can really block the UVA and UVB very, very well. Sun screen ingredients to look for would be Mexoryl, and there is one called Helioplex, and another called a sun protection factor, and these are great sunscreens. They usually rate SPF 50 and 55. There is even a 70, and they are found in common sunscreen companies so you do not have to pay a lot for these, and they are fabulous sunscreens.

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