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How To Not Look Tired - Dr. Butterwick (VIDEO)

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Dr. Butterwick tells women what they can do to prevent looking tired.

Dr. Butterwick:
So many women work so hard, they have a big job, they have to care of their families, and they actually are very tired. So they get dark circles under the eyes, they get kind of haggard and downtrodden-looking, so this is a very common question: What can I do to not look so tired? Everyone is asking me. It is usually, that fatigue is usually seen in the eyes, and nowadays we can do a couple things. We can use a laser without any downtime to tighten the skin around the eyes, and we can also use a filling substance. There are many out there, usually something in the hyaluronic acid family, and we place it right under the dark circle and that lightens the circle instantly. So with a quick office visit, you can really minimize the dark circles and look much more refreshed. The other way to not look so tired is with the use of Botox. There, the eyes will get kind of heavy looking and with a little dot of Botox in certain key areas, we can actually raise the eyebrow and open the eye and so you do not look so tired.

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