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Do Tanning Beds Help Women Produce Vitamin D? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)

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Do Tanning Beds Help Women Produce Vitamin D? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
Do Tanning Beds Help Women Produce Vitamin D? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
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Dr. Sorenson shares if the light from a tanning bed can help a woman produce vitamin D.

Dr. Sorenson, Ed.D.:
Yes, tanning beds are actually the most efficient method of producing vitamin D that exists. Now the reason I say that is sunlight is the most natural way, but both sunlight and tanning beds have UVB light, which produces vitamin D. The advantage of the tanning bed is you are getting a full exposure on both sides of the body at the same time. So we double the rapidity with which we can produce the vitamin D.

Yes, so tanning beds are very good. They have to be used carefully, of course. We never burn either in the sun or in a tanning bed. In that case, these tanning beds can be very, very good health devices whereas if they are misused as with the sun is misused and we burn ourselves, then it becomes a little bit dangerous. Even so, though, the advantages of the health benefits far outweigh any detriments of tanning beds or sunlight.

About Dr. Marc Sorenson, Ed.D.:
Dr. Marc Sorenson, Ed.D., and his wife, Vicki, developed one of the top health resorts in the world, known as National Institute of Fitness (NIF). During their time at NIF their clients lost over one hundred tons of fat. Two thirds of diabetic guests were free of all medication in less than two weeks, and many others recovered from high cholesterol, hypertension, lupus, arthritis, migraines, asthma and allergies.

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