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Can Vitamin D Help Treat Low Back Pain? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)

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Can Vitamin D Help Treat Low Back Pain? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
Can Vitamin D Help Treat Low Back Pain? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
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Dr. Sorenson explains if taking a vitamin D supplement can help cure lower back pains.

Dr. Sorenson, Ed.D.:
Yes, most people will get over it in a very short period of time if they got a low back pain, provided it is not caused by simply being totally out of physical condition, and so forth. That does make a difference, but let me give you a concrete example that’s with my wife. As I started to write about vitamin D about four years ago, she was having terrible back pains, and she is a beautiful woman; she dances; she sings; she has been active athletically her entire life, and she was getting to the point where she couldn’t do anything. She would lean forward and side, and her lower back was just in horrible condition.

So I said, “Sweetheart, I am writing about this vitamin D, and I think we need to go get you tested,” because she has olive skin which makes vitamin D much more slowly than white skin, like mine would. And so we had her checked out, and she was severely deficient. She was down to 18 nanograms. She should have been at about 60 nanograms per milliliter.

We put her on a large dosage of vitamin D for eight weeks, and after the eight weeks, her back pain absolutely disappeared. She is straight as a stick now, just nothing else, that with that one thing that helped her. Now of course, one example does not make research, but yes, the literature also is replete with examples of people getting much better through treatment of vitamin D if they have lower back pain.

About Dr. Marc Sorenson, Ed.D.:
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