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Can Vitamin D Affect Depression? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)

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Can Vitamin D Affect Depression? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
Can Vitamin D Affect Depression? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
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Dr. Sorenson explains how vitamin D can reduce depressive symptoms.

Dr. Sorenson, Ed.D.:
Okay, the relationship between vitamin D and depression is basically that we have throughout the central nervous system millions of vitamin D receptors, meaning that we have a chemical link there that needs a vitamin D to turn it on. Vitamin D, as Dr. Haney says, turns on the genetic library; without that, we don’t produce some of the ”feel-good” hormones that we need to really feel terrific about ourselves and not be depressed.

In elderly people, those who have the very lowest levels of vitamin D are up to 12 times as apt to become depressed as those who have the highest levels of vitamin D. So it can make a tremendous difference, and you see people, I have seen people go out in the sun. You have experienced it yourself, I am sure, where we go out in the sun the first wonderful spring day, particularly in the northern climes, and oh, you just feel so good, and anything you are worried about just kind of goes away. It’s a chemical response in the body, and so it’s extremely important to fight off depression or to reverse it.

And we actually reverse depression by getting vitamin D levels up and also by getting sunlight, not by directly looking at the sun, but by getting sunlight into the eye from reflected objects, we raise the serotonin level which is what Prozac and some of these anti-depressive drugs do. And it does actually, it’s been proven that sunlight does a better job in raising serotonin than most of the anti-depressive drugs.

About Dr. Marc Sorenson, Ed.D.:
Dr. Marc Sorenson, Ed.D., and his wife, Vicki, developed one of the top health resorts in the world, known as National Institute of Fitness (NIF). During their time at NIF their clients lost over one hundred tons of fat. Two thirds of diabetic guests were free of all medication in less than two weeks, and many others recovered from high cholesterol, hypertension, lupus, arthritis, migraines, asthma and allergies.

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