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Can Vitamin D Affect Fertilty? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)

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Can Vitamin D Affect Fertilty? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
Can Vitamin D Affect Fertilty? - Dr. Sorenson (VIDEO)
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Dr. Sorenson explains if vitamin D can have an affect on fertility.

Dr. Sorenson, Ed.D.:
The fertility and vitamin D connection is basically that women who cannot conceive, who are not fertile, can sometimes conceive. In fact, very often they can produce a pregnancy very quickly if they bring the vitamin D levels up to optimal levels, then they are able to conceive for the first time.

Now I know we said we didn’t want to talk about men, but I have just got to say since it’s such a big thing with the women to be fertile, then also we find out that the sperm count in their husbands also will increase and the sperm will be more active and more apt to produce a pregnancy when a woman wants to get pregnant. So it’s not always the fertility of the woman that is a problem with vitamin D; it could be the fertility of the man also.

About Dr. Marc Sorenson, Ed.D.:
Dr. Marc Sorenson, Ed.D., and his wife, Vicki, developed one of the top health resorts in the world, known as National Institute of Fitness (NIF). During their time at NIF their clients lost over one hundred tons of fat. Two thirds of diabetic guests were free of all medication in less than two weeks, and many others recovered from high cholesterol, hypertension, lupus, arthritis, migraines, asthma and allergies.

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