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How Can Women Control Their Appetite? - Maria Kinirons, R.D. (VIDEO)

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How Can Women Control Their Appetite? - Maria Kinirons, R.D. (VIDEO)
How Can Women Control Their Appetite? - Maria Kinirons, R.D. (VIDEO)
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Registered Dietitian Maria Kinirons describes how a woman can learn to control her appetite.

Registered Dietitian Maria Kinirons:
You might have to take a look at how you have been eating so far, and you might have to learn. Sometimes when people start out, they have forgotten how to listen to their hunger signals. They actually have sort of diminished those hunger signals because they have just responded more to emotional eating and have just kept eating. So what you might have to do for a while is start tracking how you feel before and after you eat.

What we do here is sometimes we have a scale of, you know, “Am I very hungry; am I a little bit hungry; am I satisfied; am I somewhat full, or am I completely full.” So, many of our members are asking themselves those questions before they eat and after they eat. Where are they on that scale of satisfaction?

So, you may have to do that for a while to sort of figure out where is that hunger signal, where are those hunger signals.

About Maria Kinirons, R.D.:
Maria Kinirons, R.D., is the senior nutritionist for Weight Watchers International. She works in the program development department and creates the materials members can receive when they attend Weight Watchers' meetings.

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