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Weight Watchers®, What Resources Do They Provide? - Maria Kinirons, R.D. (VIDEO)

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Weight Watchers®, What Resources Do They Provide? - Maria Kinirons, R.D. (VIDEO)
Weight Watchers®, What Resources Do They Provide? - Maria Kinirons, R.D. (VIDEO)
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Registered Dietitian Maria Kinirons shares the resources Weight Watchers® provides members who do not want to attend meetings.

Registered Dietitian Maria Kinirons:
We have a terrific website actually, and we have a variety of options available through that website. For our meeting room members that already come to us, we have something called Weight Watchers® e-Tools, which is sort of a companion to the meeting room. For people who want access 24 hours a day, when members first join they are highly motivated, and when they leave that meeting, they still want to be in touch with us.

So, quite often what they do is they, if you have what we call Monthly Pass membership, they get free e-Tools so they are going right on the website as soon as they go home; they are checking it out, seeing what tools are available.

For members who just don’t like meetings, and there’s a lot of people out there who don’t like to come and share how they are doing with others, we have Weight Watchers® Online. That gives many of the same features as Weight Watchers® e-Tools. They are able to track online. They are able to find out points values for everything.

We have a wonderful community message board so that they are able to actually have that support network through the message boards. Also, we have tremendous activity information. We have videos on there, show people how to do various workouts, strength training, you know, aerobic workouts. Whatever it is that you need, we have it online.

And we also have something for our men out there. Many men think that Weight Watchers® is a woman’s program, but actually we have a men’s program that deals specifically with male issues.

About Maria Kinirons, R.D.:
Maria Kinirons, R.D., is the senior nutritionist for Weight Watchers International. She works in the program development department and creates the materials members can receive when they attend Weight Watchers' meetings.

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