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Pamela Explains If It Was Hard Finding The Correct Hormone Dosage (VIDEO)

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Pamela Explains If It Was Hard Finding The Correct Hormone Dosage (VIDEO)
Pamela Explains If It Was Hard Finding The Correct Hormone Dosage (VIDEO)
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Pamela explains if it was difficult finding the correct hormone dosages.

In that I found a great doctor who worked in this world. Kronos is very up on all the hormone research, and they know what to do, and since I have written the book with Chris, Ride the Pink Elephant, I have found that many girlfriends I talked to are having one heck of a time.

It’s probably easier to buy narcotics than it is to buy bio-identical hormones, but we’ll get to that later. But I went to Dr. Kybe, and it was based on my blood levels, and she started I guess with a dose that made sense for her. I don’t know what her medical reasoning was behind that, but I took the doses and I was taking three hormones every night, and they were in three separate tubes, and they were white creams, white solid creams that I would spread on between my legs.

I mean, they advise you to put the cream on your inner thighs, and I really don’t understand why but… and it was difficult to treat the doses and figure out what was right for me and all you really have to go on, when you don’t have your lab reports right in front of you, are your symptoms, and so symptom relief is the easiest way to guide your dosing.

So the first thing that went were all the crazy moods and the rage and anger, and then the insomnia went away, and I in fact have absolutely no trouble sleeping anymore, which is a miracle, and then the sex drive came back. Now I would later find out that the sex drive had come back with a vengeance because I was overdosing on testosterone.

But at the time I didn’t quite understand what was happening to me but appreciating how powerful testosterone is now after what I have been through. It gave me an insight into men and how we can be so controlled by our hormones, and testosterone is certainly a part of male sexuality, but it’s clear to me, from my own experience, that it’s a huge part of women’s sexuality and sexual desire too.

It’s not the whole story because if you put testosterone in a woman and she doesn’t have the estrogen there, I don’t think it’s going to do a heck of a lot for her.

Everyone knows you only talk about sex in secret. Everyone but me that is. I’m Pamela Tames and you can hear more about my take on sex and the older woman at http://seasonedsex.com.

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Hi Pamela,

This is really interesting -- I look forward to checking out your website. I really just wanted to comment on the rotating Empower text on your video -- geez, it is really distracting. But I really want to hear more from you! Thank you for contributing!

September 12, 2008 - 2:30pm
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