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Pamela Shares Why She Takes Testosterone (VIDEO)

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Pamela Shares Why She Takes Testosterone (VIDEO)
Pamela Shares Why She Takes Testosterone (VIDEO)
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Pamela shares why she chose to take testosterone and its effects.

I didn’t really understand that when I went to Dr. Kybe I would be getting a prescription for testosterone in addition to the progesterone and the estrogen. I knew I would be getting progesterone because that counterbalances some of the negative effects of estrogen on the uterus.

But testosterone was a whole new ball game, but we all have, all women have quantities of testosterone in them, and it’s kind of a well-being hormone. I mean, estrogen certainly has its well-being aspects too, but we need a little bit of the testosterone for what I call the "giddy-up."

And so I got my prescriptions and I started playing around with the doses, and it's tough to regulate how much you’re getting. I still, to this day, don’t understand the scripts and how they dose the stuff, and you’re given these little teaspoons and you put like a quarter of a teaspoon or whatever it may be, and you rub that on your inner thighs and away you go.

And you don’t know and you can only measure what happens to your symptoms, and I made the mistake of overdosing on testosterone, and I didn’t know it until I realized that slowly but surely, all my thoughts resolved to one single idea, and that was sex.

I could not stop thinking about sex and you know, I am your average woman when it comes to sex. I mean, I like it but I am not obsessed with it, and I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I mean, it just got to the point where my whole day was focused around finding sex and you know, I wasn’t dating anybody at the time, and so it was all about "Can I get in out there and enjoy this new hormonal me?"

It got a little out of hand for a while. What was so incredible about the experience of having too much testosterone was, I was beginning to think like a guy about sex. I mean, it was just about doing the act and you know, I didn’t want any of the cuddly stuff. I just wanted to get in and out and get the job done.

This went on for probably about three months. And then one day I phoned up Chris and I told him what was going on. I think he nearly fell off his chair laughing at me, and he told me to rein the dose way back in. Meanwhile, I thought I was Lois Lane with kryptonite here, but so I tailored back the dose and now I am normal.

Everyone knows you only talk about sex in secret. Everyone but me that is. I’m Pamela Tames and you can hear more about my take on sex and the older woman at http://seasonedsex.com.

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