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Pamela Tells At What Point She Felt She Was Coming Into Her Sexuality Post Menopause (VIDEO)

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Pamela Tells At What Point She Felt She Was Coming Into Her Sexuality Post Menopause (VIDEO)
Pamela Tells At What Point She Felt She Was Coming Into Her Sexuality Post ...
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Pamela shares at what point she felt she was coming into her sexuality post menopause.

When it came to understanding the connection between hormones and not just health overall, like general well-being, but also my sexuality, I spent a lot of time reading. And in the end the science saved me, and science came in the form of Dr. Chris Heward who helped me sort out what the literature was saying.

I read a lot, we wrote a lot, we ended up creating this book Ride the Pink Elephant, which talks about hormones and the role they play in everything, from heart disease to osteoporosis to dementia to one’s sexuality, and it convinced me that hormones were the way to go.

And I truly was a "I hate hormones" person. I was Miss Natural. I was going to do it the way every woman, you know, decades and generations earlier had done it, hopefully without whining and complaining. So I get to the point where I am ready to go on these hormones. I find a doctor, fortunately through Kronos, who is willing to work with me to determine the right dose, which is a trick in itself.

And I decide for a bunch of reasons to go on bio-identical hormones, and I saw my lab work and I literally had flat-lined. I mean, I had no estrogen, I had no progesterone, and I had no testosterone. So Dr. Kybe, my physician at Kronos, had given me doses that would replicate hopefully where I had been in my 30s.

They were more on the low dose to in a sense play it safe, but we would tweak from there, and suddenly it didn’t take long. It was really about a month before I felt myself coming back to life. The first thing I noticed was that the anxiety and this chronic kind of irritable moodiness dissipated.

And then I was able to sleep, and then suddenly I started having these, what can only be described as fantasies, like suddenly men became attractive again. It was like my little Christmas lights were coming back on, and all these hormones were bubbling through me, and I felt alive, and I know that sounds kind of like an exaggeration but quite honestly, it wasn’t.

I mean, it was astonishing, it was, you know, I got to the point where I was convinced that we all have this sexual energy about us, and we exude something and that energy is derived from hormones. I am completely convinced of this now.

And suddenly men were looking back at me. It was like even though I was closer to 50 now, I had no longer disappeared. I was coming back to myself.

Everyone knows you only talk about sex in secret. Everyone but me that is. I’m Pamela Tames and you can hear more about my take on sex and the older woman at http://seasonedsex.com.

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