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Pamela Explains Why She Chose To Use Hormones During Menopause (VIDEO)

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Pamela Explains Why She Chose To Use Hormones During Menopause (VIDEO)
Pamela Explains Why She Chose To Use Hormones During Menopause (VIDEO)
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Pamela shares what made her comfortable enough to go on hormones.

Well, I think it was two years of talking with Chris, getting the questions answered, seeing that the science trended in a direction that was not very clearly but generally pro-hormone, and the recent data continues to confirm this and that the WHI, the Women’s Health Initiative, was this big aberration, and yet most women listen to the exception and decided that hormones were bad and flush them down the toilet and have not come back.

My attitude is, you’re missing this giant opportunity. So I think it was the knowledge and the deep knowledge and the time I spent, and allowing myself to spend that time because I felt my life was worth it. And also I have a very untrusting nature, in the sense that I do not want to take the opinion of just one expert.

And Chris’s perspective, Dr. Heward’s perspective, was to look at all the data, and he is the most honest scientist I have ever met, in the sense that it's completely unbiased, whatever the data said, whatever it trended, that’s where we went. If the data said that hormones were bad and confirmed the WHI, I wouldn’t be on hormones today.

So it’s a combination of using all our faculties, our instinct, our emotions, our intelligence, our reasoning, and women have these faculties completely at their disposal and yet, you know, they want to go on gut instinct, and they want it to feel right, and my attitude was, "It's not going to feel right until I know it's right."

So the combination of knowledge and instinct was really what convinced me this is the way to go, and it's interesting that because I got to such a high level of confidence about this is the right direction for me that when I went on the hormones, I just knew it felt right, like I had that sense that this is the path, and I never had a problem with the hormones. I tweaked my dose once and that was it.

It’s just been a great experience from start to finish because I came at it with a very positive perspective.

Everyone knows you only talk about sex in secret. Everyone but me that is. I’m Pamela Tames and you can hear more about my take on sex and the older woman at http://seasonedsex.com.

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