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Pamela Shares What Sexual Health Products She Uses (VIDEO)

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Pamela Shares What Sexual Health Products She Uses (VIDEO)
Pamela Shares What Sexual Health Products She Uses (VIDEO)
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Pamela tells the sexual health products she uses.

Hormones were 95% of my sex solution. The other 5% came in the form of products and toys. Now I am not going to talk about toys today. This is my little sex wrap, which usually hides my favorite toys today. It hides my favorite products.

Vaginal dryness is something that affects I think the majority of women as they go into menopause, and I was surprised that even though I was on adequate doses of all the hormones, I was still having problems, and through complete coincidence and luck I ended up discovering these products carrageenan, and please understand I have no investment in this company. I am not working for this company; I just happen to think that these are the best products for personal lubrication on the market.

The simple reason is they are 100% natural. All the other products I tried contained stuff that quite honestly I put in my hair, the propylene glycol and the dimethicones and so on, and they seemed to be giving me infection problems and all sorts of stuff.

So when I found carrageenan, the personal lubricant with a really strange name, I was really happy because the texture of it is just like a woman’s body makes. The other products that they have are Internal Harmony which are nature-derived or herbal-derived hormones, and I have been giving this product to my friends who are in perimenopause to help them balance out some of the transitions they are going through. I don’t take it because I do the bio-identical hormones.

And another product which I think is super interesting for energy is this one, Onkor, and Onkor is based on Cordyceps which is a form of mushrooms, and I had done a lot of reading on mushrooms based on how Asian societies have used them, and they go way back as a medicinal treatment for fatigue, immune support, and energy, and this is a great dose of high grade Cordyceps, and I just love their product.

A couple of other more titillating products which I just learned about recently and of course had to try immediately are G, Prelude, and Addlibido, also made by the same company and these are all made by DreamBrands. These products are applied directly to the spot, and they are very stimulating, and that’s an interesting experience, and I would have to say that based on my minimal research into them and my few trials that they do work.

So that is my little collection right now. I continue to look for products, but it is tough to find completely natural products for these applications, but I will try anything. My attitude is, "Whatever enhances and helps, and as long as it's not hurting, hey, what the heck. I didn’t go through all this trouble with getting on bio-identical hormones to sit at home alone every night."

Everyone knows you only talk about sex in secret. Everyone but me that is. I’m Pamela Tames and you can hear more about my take on sex and the older woman at http://seasonedsex.com.

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