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Ask Dr. Bob: Diarrhea, Degenerative Disc and Fissured Tongue

By Expert HERWriter
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These were the questions that were asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Thank you for sending us your general health questions. We hope they make a difference in your life.

1. What can be done for a disintegrating disc in the neck? Chiropractic treatments are currently being done, but at what point is surgery required? Hoping for other options.

From my experience, most chronic disc problems (5tht cervical) actually come from the upper back. We have multiple treatment options available in our Cleveland-based practice.

2. Hey Dr Bob, I have a question concerning my fissured tongue. Since I was a kid, I have deep cracks in my tongue. It never scared me and always thought it was a benign condition but I recently read that in Chinese medicine, it might mean that I have a condition with one of my main organs (liver, spleen, heart, intestines). What is your opinion on this?

We tend to have improvement in our practice member’s mouth concerns with vitamin B. Consuming sugar can take vitamin B out of the body. We also have a test available to measure how your body reacts to carbohydrates.

3. Hello Dr. Bob, I went thru the sources given above about the foods that should be given to them but I still have more questions since we live in India, and here organic sources have just come into the market.

My 21 month old daughter eats dal which is a pulse here eaten everyday I add a carrot and tomato in it and pour it over white rice and give her to eat along with boiled vegetables I prepare everyday. She has an egg every alternate day, and since she’s teething she gets the diarrhea then. Anything she eats, she poops and I get very worried since she loses a lot of weight after those, to which I have to give her curds with plain rice and salt that are made at home by me so that something retains and she has some energy.

She eats pumpkin but fusses, eats spinach, likes boiled cabbage with coconut, cauliflower she does not like, carrot she likes, I am really not sure what to give her now when she has diarrhea.

Please suggest how can I give her almonds, cashews, and other things since she drinks formula milk once a day in the morning 100ml water with 3 scoops of Nestle Nan 4 (powdered milk) for 18 to 24 months old. I’m not sure what to give her to eat in the morning and in the evening after she wakes up from her afternoon nap. She eats Marie biscuits that are a little sweet. But I don’t have any other options and she’s got used to them. Please let me know so that I can train her to eat healthy from childhood onwards and stay fit.

We have had many practice members who have visited foreign countries who came home with parasites, and I would encourage you to have her tested for parasites.

4. I'm a young boy (27); I like sports, especially soccer. My weight is around 73 kg, height 1,78m, but this last month sometimes I feel some heart shock or some strange quick movement of my heart that continues for a few seconds and disappears. I am worried about this. I passed some difficult moments of nervous pression, that’s why I’m asking your point of view, if it’s a harmful or a normal consequence?

I would encourage Celtic Sea Salt, vitamin B, and magnesium (kale).

5. I have a question on being hungry all the time. I give my granddaughter the ADHD vitamins & flaxseed oil, but she hungry all the time & I'm constantly telling her to drink water just in case she just dehydrated, but all I hear is, “Can I eat something? I'm hungry.” Is there anything I can give her to help fill her up some, she also putting on a lot weight in her belly area plus her legs. She is seven years old. Please help me.

It could be a parasite issue, and a lack of minerals. I would consider an assessment for parasites as well.

6. I use vinegar to clean with, but I feel it aggravates my sinus. What do you recommend?

I would avoid dairy and peanut butter and gluten, because those would make your sinuses more aggravated.

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