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Ask Dr. Bob: Stress, Knee Pain, and Iodine and Hashimoto's

By Expert HERWriter
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These were the questions that were asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Thank you for sending us your general health questions. We hope they make a difference in your life.

1. Though I have only discovered you recently, I have been pretty much consuming your food regime for years with good results. However, I am writing on behalf of my sister who has suffered from a progressive neurological movement disorder for the last 15 years and has recently become wheelchair bound. Dozens of neurologists and doctors have been unable to define her specific disorder, ( except to say it is sourced in her global ganglia) much less find medication to improve it. Besides that she suffered enormous stress 15 years ago I always felt that our inability to improve her condition (in spite of supplying her with the best vitamins available) stems from her unwillingness to eat some of the foods you recommend. We live in Australia, and I know you can’t diagnose her unseen from so far away, but I felt the need to describe her condition to you. Great work and informative videos.

Stress depletes your body’s pH. When your pH is low, your body loses many minerals. I have learned when someone has an acid pH they can have a low thyroid function. (More info in video)

2. If I may, I would like to make a comment about your advocating the taking of iodine. I have hypothyroidism and am taking levothyroxine daily. I have researched the taking of iodine as an alternative to medication for hypothyroidism and have found many sufferers of the disease who report that taking iodine made their problems worse by causing their thyroxine levels to fluctuate throughout the day. These fluctuations cause a myriad of symptoms including hot flashes, heart palpitations and confusion of thought processes, which manifestations can be quite severe. I would therefore hesitate to advocate the taking of iodine for any person who has thyroid problems, especially if they are also taking prescription drugs for their condition.

We use lab tests to determine what exact product is needed. Generally, we do not suggest iodine without support (either T4 or T3 function also). It is more than your TSH being high or low. We always will check your thyroid, but recommend a urine-iodine loading test and then will supplement accordingly.

The article in reference is: www.empowher.com/hot-flashes/content/do-you-have-hot-flashes.

3. I would like your take on iodine supplementation for Hashimoto’s sufferers. I read various papers and books for and against this and I’m just confused.

We generally do not recommend iodine for Hashimoto’s. We use selenium and vitamin E. I recommend staying away from gluten and sugar, and to also include digestive enzymes.

4. What ‘spices’ do you recommend for good health?

I recommend Celtic Sea Salt, fresh ground pepper which has the mineral, molybdenum, and fresh herbs from your garden.

5. You speak about pain on the right side. What might be the cause of similar pain on the outer left knee and on the left shoulder and upper left arm?

This can be from a pancreas concern. (More info in video, same as below)

6. How about pain on the outer left knee and the left upper arm and shoulder?

7. I would like to know the purest and best vitamin companies so that we don’t purchase ones that are bad for us. Also would like more information on fatty liver disease and what can be done to reverse it along with what kinds of foods that don’t aggravate the condition. Tell us what water filtration that consistently is dependable for us who want to improve our water intake with the best products. What do you use? We have so many people with combined metabolic diseases that are confused about how to eat and what to expect.

I would get off all fruit for your fatty liver, and I use a reverse osmosis unit for my water (General Electric).

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