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Francine Shares How She Chose A Physical Therapist (VIDEO)

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Francine Shares How She Chose A Physical Therapist (VIDEO)
Francine Shares How She Chose A Physical Therapist (VIDEO)
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Francine explains how she chose a physical therapist after having her hip replaced.

Well, I obviously started out with the physical therapist that my health plan recommended that I be on after my hip replacement, and I quickly found out that that was not the right therapist for me. It was a very busy physical therapy place, and they shunted people in and out. You know, and there were like tons of people, and I never felt like I got any individual attention. And I needed that because I had other issues that had to do with my back, but I bet you, everybody pretty much needs it.

So I switched physical therapists about three times, and then I fired my physical therapist, and I hired a personal trainer who came to my house and worked specifically on the gluteus medius and a couple of those related muscles that were necessary in order for me to walk naturally.

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