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Francine Shares Why She Blogged About Her Hip Replacement (VIDEO)

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Francine Shares Why She Blogged About Her Hip Replacement (VIDEO)
Francine Shares Why She Blogged About Her Hip Replacement (VIDEO)
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Francine describes why she decided to blog about her hip replacement and if it helped in her recovery.

Well, they make you get up on the same day, and let me tell you something, I actually started a blog before my hip replacement because I was annoyed with the way the hospital treated me and I was really afraid that I would get a staph infection in the hospital or that I wouldn’t be able to get nursing care. And I realized that, if I was blogging and I was out on the Internet that people would, I wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle of anything, that people I knew would be reading my blog and I could get help from the outside if I needed it.

I mean, It may sound crazy, but all of those things really help, and on the day of the surgery I took my BlackBerry into the operating room with me, and I had it in the recovery room. And I began blogging in the recovery room, and I am not sure I made a whole lot of sense, but I went back and read it, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

And that really made me feel like, "Oh good, this is over; I am blogging," because I had blogged before and I was like, "You know what, I did not lose any brain cells. I am awake; part 1 is over. You know, I am on the pain drugs, and now the next step, get off those, you know."

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