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Glynis Shares If She Lost Her Hair During Chemotherapy (VIDEO)

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Glynis Shares If She Lost Her Hair During Chemotherapy (VIDEO)
Glynis Shares If She Lost Her Hair During Chemotherapy (VIDEO)
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Glynis explains if her hair fell out while undergoing chemotherapy as breast cancer treatment.

When I was going through chemotherapy of course I lost my hair. I started to lose hair. When I was in the hospital for the pneumonia that I spoke about, I ran my fingers through my hair and some hair came out. Now it wasn’t it clumps, but I had an 18 month old daughter and I wasn’t going to let her see me with my hair coming out in clumps.

And so, I called my husband at work and I said, “When you come to see me tonight, bring the clippers,” and he said, “Well no, no, no, let’s just let it, you know go a little while longer,” and I said, “Absolutely not, I want it off.” And I think part of the reason that I wanted it off, aside from my daughter was, I didn’t want to feel like I was getting sick.

If running my fingers through my hair and my hair is coming out in big balls, that was a sign for me that, “Oh I am getting sick.” So I wanted it off. So he came after work, no actually he came at lunchtime with the clippers and cut all my hair off and the only person I was concerned about was our daughter.

And so that afternoon when she came to the hospital to see me after school, we took her down to see the bunnies in the hospital. She walked in the room, looked at me, didn’t say a word about my hair, and we took her down to see the bunnies in the hospital and she said, “Mommy, you got your hair cut like daddy’s,” and I said, “Yeah honey, I did. What do you think about it?”

And she said, “I think you’re beautiful.” And I knew God put those words in her mouth to say that at that time because she was the only person I was worried about and for her to say, at 2 years old, “I think you’re beautiful,” that was it for me. I didn’t need to wear wigs or need to do anything like that because my daughter said, “I think you’re beautiful.”

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