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How Can Positive Thinking Reverse Depression? - Psychotherapist Carole Klein (VIDEO)

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Psychotherapist Carole Klein shares how positive thinking is able to reverse depression.

Carole Klein:
Well if you think positively you’re going to reduce depression, that’s kind of given, because thinking negatively, thinking you’re worthless, thinking that nothing is going to work out right, that people don’t care about you, is going to increase your concept of yourself and bring you into a spiral that moves you downward and your concepts and your beliefs about yourself in life.

But thinking positively will allow you to have an upbeat concept of who you are, and we just need to think about ourselves in a positive way. People are not supposed to be perfect, none of us are. We make mistakes but when people think that they shouldn’t make mistakes, that life is a place where they are supposed to be perfect, well then they’re going to be on a spiral downwards because it’s not true.

Truth is knowing that yeah, we are human. We make mistakes, we don’t do everything perfectly but we’ve got to appreciate and value ourselves because we are doing our best job in most cases, even with limited amounts of energy perhaps or family situations where most of us are attempting to put the best we know forward in life.

There are some times that it doesn’t work out and we need some help to learn a few more concept changes but basically, people are not in this world to think of themselves poorly.

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