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What Are Depression Symptoms? - Psychotherapist Carole Klein (VIDEO)

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Psychotherapist Carole Klein shares if depression can cause physiological changes and explains the symptoms of depression.

Carole Klein:
Of course, if you’ve got depression you’re going to be emotionally drained and there’ll be a lot of other aspects of feeling down that will affect your whole physical being and so you will have some changes physiologically because of the depression. There will be perhaps changes biologically in the, I am not even sure of the organs but probably the immune system organs would be affected, a variety of other physiological changes. Sleep would be affected.

And so when depressed, the individual, when I think of depression I mainly think of antidonia, it’s a fancy little word but it basically means that you no longer enjoy all of the things you used to enjoy. In other words, maybe you like to garden or maybe you like to play bridge, you play with your grandchildren or do sailing, anything, but you don’t want to do it anymore. It doesn’t hold any interest for you and when I know that a patient tells me that they are not feeling any enjoyment in life then I know that they are feeling depressed.

So when women tell me that the things that they normally like to do, they are no longer doing, then I want to find out more like what’s their eating pattern, what’s their sleeping pattern, are they getting more irritable, do they withdraw from social contact with other people? If I find that there is a lot of that going on, then I am looking at probably a depressed person.

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