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Are Sleep And Heart Disease Related? - Psychotherapist Carole Klein (VIDEO)

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Psychotherapist Carole Klein shares if there is a true connection between sleep and heart disease.

Carole Klein:
There have been, in some of the latest studies, there seems to be an indication that lack of sleep can cause physiological changes in your body, which of course can then affect all parts of your body including the muscle of the heart. We do know that if you spend too many hours in sleep, you are going to increase the serotonin loss in your brain and perhaps be too depressed.

So we have to ask people are they having trouble with insomnia, difficulty in sleeping period or are they hypersomnic, which means they’re sleeping many many hours more than they should be. But in insomnia, generally I think that we have a sleep deprived generation mainly because we invented the electric light bulb and that may seem really strange but in reality, the light destroys melatonin.

Melatonin is a very natural hormone produced by your body when it starts to get dark and the body then producing melatonin, would like to go naturally to sleep, the normal 8 or 9 o’clock. But what happens, walk into a house that’s lit with electric lights, we sit in front of a computer or television that flashes lights at us and it destroys the melatonin that our body is already making. So we’re melatonin deficient and then when we want to go to sleep we have trouble, and that can cause a lot of physiological problems.

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