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Why Should Women Exercise During Commercials? - Psychotherapist Carole Klein (VIDEO)

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Psychotherapist Carole Klein shares why it is good for women to exercise during commercials.

Carole Klein:
Well, I love it when women exercise during commercials, it’s something that I started telling my patients to do about maybe 10 years ago. We need exercise. Exercise helps us to decrease depression, every study ever done that I have seen across my desk has told me that depression is always lowered by some kind of physical exercise.

So most people balk at doing exercise. They say they don’t have enough time but they usually have enough time to sit in front of the television at night because it’s relaxing. But if they combine their relaxation with a little of exercise, a lot can happen.

So I tell people, all right, see your program but every time there’s a commercial, all you have to do is stand up, walk in place, step up and down, turn around a few times, whatever you want to do, but keep the body moving the entire time. Now if you’ve got a treadmill or you’ve got a bike or something like that, hop on it and work at it but whatever it is, move the body during the commercial. It’s a lot longer than you think it is and in an hour’s worth of the program, you’ll have 20 minutes worth of exercise and if you do that for a couple of hours you’ll be in good check.

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