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Do Medications Commonly Cause Depression? - Psychotherapist Carole Klein (VIDEO)

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Psychotherapist Carole Klein explains if medications often cause depression.

Carole Klein:
It’s possible that we could have reactions with any medication that could cause a depressive cycle. A person needs to touch base with themselves, know how they personally feel and not what they are supposed to feel on a medication. They can feel the way their body is structured. We are people who are made very differently, each of us. I may not have the same blood type as you so I can’t give you my blood.

So maybe medications that I take would work very well for me and would not work for you or vice versa. So if a medication isn’t working properly, you do need to check and be insistent with your physician that this is not working for you and that you want to find out if there’s an alternative.

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