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How Can Spirituality Help A Woman Recover From Depression? - Psychotherapist Carole Klein (VIDEO)

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Psychotherapist Carole Klein shares how spirituality can assist a woman in her recovery from depression.

Carole Klein:
Well, if a person is in touch truly with their sense of spirituality, of their concepts of what they believe beyond themselves, the force of god in our lives, well then we can look this to a higher power. And when we do that we take ourselves out of the self because usually, when we’re caught in depression, we’re too involved with us and when we can begin to think beyond that and know that sometimes we go through difficult times in our life but it’s really for growth.

It’s for spiritual growth, it’s for learning what we need to know for the next walk in our life, the next stage where we can perhaps have grown through the difficult times. But many people think difficulty is something to be avoided at all cost and depression and sense of not having things go right, perhaps at home or in other areas, is something that they need to fix immediately or else life won’t get back on track.

But sometimes our life goes through, times that aren’t on track and it’s all right. We have to ask, “What am I learning in this? Where is the growth for me here?” and that’s a very spiritual process.

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