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30-Day Vegan Cleanse: What Is This? - Chef Melissa Costello

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Personal Chef Melissa Costello describes the 30-day vegan cleanse she developed to remove toxins from the body.

Chef Melissa Costello:
A 30-day vegan cleanse is basically a cleanse that I constructed to give the body a rest from toxins and these toxins are kind of, we call them ‘slow poisons’ that over time will kind of affect the body in negative ways.

So those five things are caffeine, sugar, any kind of white processed sugar, animal products, which include fish, dairy, you know the things we talked about before about being vegan, gluten, which is the protein in wheat products and alcohol, and caffeine, that’s another one. So there’s five of those toxins that we kind of take a break from over 30 days just to give our body a rest to really flush out and get rid of any toxins that are there and just kind of re-establish a really healthy relationship with our body.

When I am telling women about the 30-day cleanse what I really like them to know is that this is kind of a lifestyle more than a diet, and even though it feels like it’s going to be a diet for 30 days, this is more about me teaching women to change their eating habits so that they have a positive influence on their health in the future. So all the little changes that we are making right now over these 30 days will kind of be implemented into their lifestyle. So I really want women to know that all these little changes can lead to optimal health and wellness for them.

It also can help regulate hormones; it can help regular moods; it can clear sinuses, there’s a lot of different things, clears skin, better sleep, brighter eyes. I have a lot of women who, you know they email me, “ . . . and everyone’s telling me my skin looks amazing,” and who doesn’t want to have amazing skin, or who doesn’t want to have brighter eyes, and they just feel lighter in general and they notice that even their hormones fluctuate differently and they feel differently during their cycle and they just feel like they have more energy, they are less bogged down, so there’s a lot of different things that are happening during this cleanse that kind of move into a lifestyle for them that’s really positive.

About Chef Melissa Costello:
Melissa Costello, the founder of Karma Chow, has always had a passion for healthy, delicious food and nutrition. After years of struggling with a minor eating disorder, she became a vegetarian at age 19 and began experimenting with healthier versions of everyday recipes, which led to her fascination for cooking.

Visit Chef Melissa Costello at her website

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EmpowHER Guest

I think I may just start this cleanse with Missy on July 12th. Now I just need to figure out how to get all the information. (Link removed by moderator.) Thanks. PS>...........Missy is awesome!

June 21, 2010 - 1:36am
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