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Toxins: What Should Be Removed From The Diet? - Chef Melissa Costello

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Personal Chef Melissa Costello recalls the toxins a woman should remove from her diet, including caffeine.

Chef Melissa Costello:
Caffeine, number one; a negative effect that it may have is it affects your blood sugar levels, it can kind of over time attacks your adrenal glands which are really responsible for keeping your blood sugar levels at bay. Also, it causes an acidic environment in your body, which over time leads to inflammation, can lead to digestive problems, things like that.

And alcohol kind of same thing; it fluctuates blood sugar; it actually affects your sleep. When we drink alcohol we actually don’t even really go into a deep REM sleep. So even though we feel like we are sleeping because we are kind of really out of it when we drink alcohol, we don’t really ever go into that deep sleep. So it affects our sleep patterns, blood sugar levels, again acidic environment in the body, can lead to heart disease, inflammation, things like that.

Any white sugar – white sugar is another, or sugar in general, processed sugar in general, again, blood sugar levels, which eventually… if your blood sugar levels are always spiking and lowering and spiking and lowering, can lead to hypoglycemia or diabetes over a long period of time, adult onset diabetes, and again, acid in the body causes a lot of digestive issues. It can cause plaque in the bloodstream, thickens the blood, which causes heart disease or artery clogging down the line.

Also, sugar just kind of dries you out from the inside. There’s been a lot of studies done where it actually leeches calcium from the bones and kind of just over time really plays a big role in disease and in forming disease in your body.

Another slow poison – animal products; a lot of people think that they need to eat animal products and it works differently for everyone. Everyone’s body is different so, I don’t tell everyone that they need to vegan. I tell people to just kind of give themselves a break from the animal products so that their body can see what it feels like without them.

And again, it takes a lot of work for our body to digest meat and animal products and a lot of times they’ll sit in our intestinal tract for a long time without moving through again, causes an acidic environment in the body and just over time inflammation. A lot of these slow poisons they call them, kind of do the same thing, create acid in the body and create thicker blood and it just kind of over time can build up to disease.

So this is the reason why I created this 30-day cleanse so that people could really just give their selves a break from these things that might be causing issues, digestive issues or energy issues or blood sugar issues; things like that.

About Chef Melissa Costello:
Melissa Costello, the founder of Karma Chow, has always had a passion for healthy, delicious food and nutrition. After years of struggling with a minor eating disorder, she became a vegetarian at age 19 and began experimenting with healthier versions of everyday recipes, which led to her fascination for cooking.

Visit Chef Melissa Costello at her website

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