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Upgrading Food Success Story: Will You Share? - Chef Melissa Costello

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Personal Chef Melissa Costello recalls a success story about a woman who upgraded her food choices and helped her family eat and live more healthfully.

Chef Melissa Costello:
A lot of times when I’m talking to people about upgrading food they don’t really understand what that entails or how that’s going to benefit them, but the really great thing is I have, I worked with this woman who, she called me and she was kind of at a loss.

She has three children and she really, she is very healthy actually. She exercises a lot and she kind of… she thinks she is very healthy. A lot of people say, they call me and they say, “I eat really healthy,” and so I talk to them and say, “Well where are the things you are eating?” And I’m finding out that what they are eating and thinking is healthy is actually not very healthy.

So what I do, this woman I really helped her kind of change her lifestyle and take some things away and add some things in and I always like to tell people, take baby steps. Take one bad food out of your diet; add one food in that’s really good. So over the course of these months that I was working with her she got back in the kitchen. I always tell people to be creative, learn to cook; it’s all about planning your meals so that you are eating really healthy.

She got back in the kitchen. She started to involve her kids, which really loved being in kitchen with her and cooking. It was great and she just felt over time, actually over about a month she started sleeping better. She had given up caffeine so she actually found her natural energy which was awesome. She wasn’t feeling like she had to drag herself out of bed every morning and have her coffee before work or before working out. She kind of was just getting up, drinking what I call a ‘morning elixir’ which is kind of just powdered grains and coconut water and really healthy stuff, maca and things like that, and she was just kind of on the go and running out the door with the kids and feeling really good and not feeling like, “Oh I need the coffee to start my day” or “I need, you know, some kind of pick-me-up” other than eating something natural.

So there were a lot of things that happened for her as far as changes in her life that were positive – sleeping better, clear skin, her digestion completely cleared up. She was having regular elimination where she before she was only kind of eliminating like once every few days and so there were a lot of really positive changes when she started upgrading her diet and eating a lot cleaner and it just felt really good for me because she just basically said, “You helped change my life. I mean I thought I was doing all the right things but here, just all these little small tweaks over time really added up to such a positive effect in the long run.” So she is now kind of, that’s her lifestyle.

She does obviously, every one kind of goes back to old habits. It takes time to break habits and to start new ones, but when she does do that she is more aware and she feels like, “Oh, my body, when I eat this doesn’t work for me anymore so I am going to king of continue down that path that’s really working.”

About Chef Melissa Costello:
Melissa Costello, the founder of Karma Chow, has always had a passion for healthy, delicious food and nutrition. After years of struggling with a minor eating disorder, she became a vegetarian at age 19 and began experimenting with healthier versions of everyday recipes, which led to her fascination for cooking.

Visit Chef Melissa Costello at her website

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