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Nutrient Dense Foods: What Does This Include? - Chef Melissa Costello

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Personal Chef Melissa Costello describes nutrient dense foods, explains why they are an essential part of any diet, and shares why artificial and synthetic ingredients should be avoided.

Chef Melissa Costello:
Nutrient dense foods are, you know, leafy greens, things that have a lot of nutrients in them, calcium, folic acid – things like that. Things that are really hardy, brown rice is a really nutrient dense food. It’s got a lot of fiber. It’s got some protein in it and we need these for our body to kind of rebuild, recover for energy, for vitality.

We need these types of foods that have a lot of nutrients in it. Any kind of whole food that you get, you know, any kind of vegetable is going to have a lot of nutrients in it. Of course every vegetable has different nutrients so you want to get a variety, a large variety so eat a lot of colors. You always want to have a lot of colors whenever you are eating so that will kind of qualify that you are getting enough nutrients.

It’s really important to understand what you are eating and to read labels because we don’t want to put a lot of synthetic or artificial ingredients into our bodies. We want to eat foods that are whole, natural that have the least amount of processing. Any kind of synthetic, processed foods are really over time going to build up in your body as another one of those slow poisons and just will down the road cause some kind of issue or disease or digestive problem.

So it’s really important to read labels and get food that has the least amount of ingredients or make sure that you can pronounce whatever is on the label because a lot of times there’s things on these labels that you just can’t pronounce and who knows what that is and who knows what it will do to you in the long-term so it’s better to just kind of eat as cleanly as possible and as minimal amount of ingredients if you are going to buy any kind of processed food.

About Chef Melissa Costello:
Melissa Costello, the founder of Karma Chow, has always had a passion for healthy, delicious food and nutrition. After years of struggling with a minor eating disorder, she became a vegetarian at age 19 and began experimenting with healthier versions of everyday recipes, which led to her fascination for cooking.

Visit Chef Melissa Costello at her website

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