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3 Tips For Filing For A Divorce

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Divorce Resource Advocate Linda Kazares shares three tips for women filing for divorce.

Hi, I am Linda Kazares. I am the founder of ConnectedIn Media. We are a company that has developed a website called ConnectedIn Divorce Resource as well as launching a new event called the Arizona Divorce Conference and Resource.

I’d like to give you three tips for when you are filing for divorce.

The first tip is go out on the internet, researches are available to you in-depth. Start looking for the information about how other people are going about putting their divorce plan together, so to speak.

Look for not only the content and information that you need to develop a plan, which may sound funny, developing a plan for divorce, but it’s like many other things in your life. You have to know what the direction is and map it out.

During that process start looking for what you think will qualify the researches that you need. Is it education? Is it experience? Is it a reference from a friend? Is it their background?

So make sure that you really know first of all what your map is and the qualifications of the resources that you are going to be using.

The second tip is once you have that information develop the map, decide how it’s going to impact your life, how you are going to communicate what you are doing, not only with your spouse because at this point he or she may not know about it yet, but how you are going to communicate it to your family, your children, when you are going to bring in those resources that you have decided upon and complete your map.

Just decide what the whole package is going to look like, and again, it’s not like a Christmas package or birthday package, it’s your package. It’s going to help you define the rest of your life.

The third point I’d like to make is create the life that you always wanted. When you got married at first I am sure you thought that that was the life that you wanted and perhaps it was.

We all change over time, not that discounting everything you have done so far wasn’t important but going forward, design a life that you feel will be important and will satisfy you for the rest of your life.

And following those three tips you will be prepared for when you file for divorce.

About Linda Kazares:
She is the author of several marketing books and was a consultant to Fortune 500 technology companies. During her 35+ years as an entrepreneur, she has been divorced twice, produced of 50 conferences and has been married for 13 years happily for a third and final time. She has created the ConnectedIn Divorce Resource website to make available qualified information and education for individuals considering, in the process of or after divorce.

Visit Linda Kazares at ConnectedIn Divorce Resource

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