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Why Have You Been Divorced Twice?

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Divorce Resource Advocate Linda Kazares shares why she believes she has been divorced twice.

I believe that the first two times I got married I may have gotten married for the right reasons but possibly got married for the wrong reasons.

And one of the reasons I found out was I tended to trend. I would date for three years, be married for three and a half and get divorced. I did that twice.

My third marriage, right around that three-year period of time again I was ready to chuck it all and move on and I had a very good friend Shelly who sat me down and said, “Linda, look at your background.”

She goes, “Doesn’t this look familiar to you?” And she was absolutely right. I pushed through that period of time; next couple of years seemed to do okay.

I was very happy I stayed married but then I peaked again and I kept going, oh, you know is this the right thing for me now?

But I finally realized and starting thinking about was, maybe there are other issues here, maybe it’s not entirely a straightforward emotional issue.

Maybe there’s some sort of chemical imbalance because my emotions were too up and down. One day it would be great, the next day it would be awful, great awful.

So to share what is no longer a secret, I found, I was diagnosed as bipolar – not something everybody wants to talk about because there is still some sort of, there is not some sort, there still is a stigma around that.

But you’d be surprised at perhaps how many of you or your friends are affected by something like that and let me tell you that once I found out that I had that problem and I got the right kind of medication, not only did my marriage improve, my whole life improved.

And now I have been married for 13 years. So once I found that out the last eight years, nine years have been a breeze.

About Linda Kazares:
She is the author of several marketing books and was a consultant to Fortune 500 technology companies. During her 35+ years as an entrepreneur, she has been divorced twice, produced of 50 conferences and has been married for 13 years happily for a third and final time. She has created the ConnectedIn Divorce Resource website to make available qualified information and education for individuals considering, in the process of or after divorce.

Visit Linda Kazares at ConnectedIn Divorce Resource

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