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Losing The House After A Divorce

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Divorce Resource Advocate Linda Kazares shares advice for women who want a divorce but don’t want to lose the house.

A friend of mine recently got divorced and one of the most devastating parts, once you get past the sheer relationship emotions was she was about to lose her house.

She has three kids. What was she going to do? It’s really tough, especially right now because today is a different world than it was ten years or so even though interest rates are really low right now.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get the loan anyway, particularly if she hasn’t been working or have some sort of credit rating to buy a house.

So it’s difficult. Sometimes you just have to let go and part of goal setting for the rest of your life is let go of that particular house, as hard as that’s going to be for you.

Get an apartment. That might be what’s available to you right now. Rent a house and work back toward owning that home.

You know what, sometimes owning a home isn’t what you have to do to move on. It’s not the be-all-end-all, there are a lot of nice places to live without actually owning the home yourself.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you are getting a divorce and let’s say your settlement isn’t going to cover your bills enough to keep your home, you need to take a look at what’s really important to you at that point in time.

Is the best use of your settlement to try to hang on to that house, or is the best use of that settlement to move on, and particularly if you have children, to make sure that you provide a really good place for them to live, a comfortable life so that they can focus on things like school and developing good relationships with friends.

So maybe the best advice I can give is, if it is not possible to keep that home think about what options there are out there because not everybody needs to own a home.

There are beautiful apartments, beautiful homes, particularly on the market right now that are affordable rental properties and maybe use that as your first step to getting back into a home that you own later on down the road.

About Linda Kazares:
She is the author of several marketing books and was a consultant to Fortune 500 technology companies. During her 35+ years as an entrepreneur, she has been divorced twice, produced of 50 conferences and has been married for 13 years happily for a third and final time. She has created the ConnectedIn Divorce Resource website to make available qualified information and education for individuals considering, in the process of or after divorce.

Visit Linda Kazares at ConnectedIn Divorce Resource

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